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  1. 2018 Lanzhou University & Hong Kong University Silk Road Academic Study Plan kicks off 2018-03-25
  2. Prof. Eugene Chen Y.-X. visits Lanzhou University for academic exchange 2018-03-23
  3. Lanzhou University students “chisel” a “cave library” on ladders 2018-03-22
  4. Prof. Wu Wangsuo of Lanzhou University elected as 2017-2018 China’s Eminent Person in Nuclear Science Popularizing 2018-03-22
  5. Exchange meeting about project on eco-management of desertification held by Chinese Academy of Sciences in Yinchuan 2018-03-20
  6. Kick-off conference on project about arid and semi-arid region of North China funded by Natural Science Foundation of China 2018-03-18
  7. Prof. Li Jing of Lanzhou University publishes paper on Philosophical Investigations 2018-03-18
  8. Delegation from Jonkoping University visits Lanzhou University 2018-03-18
  9. Lanzhou University Prof. Peng Lanjia invited to Second Silk Road Cultural Economics International Seminar in University of Valencia 2018-03-17
  10. Associate prof. Yu Fusheng of Lanzhou University contributes to firstly detecting double charmed baryon 2018-03-17
  11. Progress in graphene by Lanzhou University Prof. Bai Yongxiao’ team 2018-03-15
  12. Lanzhou University Institutional Repository visitors surpass 3 million 2018-03-14
  13. Lanzhou University holds Spring Festival Activities for Tbilisi Confucius Class: visiting 64 Tbilisi Public School 2018-03-10
  14. Lanzhou University&Open University of Tbilisi jointly offer Lantern Making Course 2018-03-10
  15. Lanzhou University students achieved great success in Singapore International Piano Elite Invitational Competition 2018-03-10