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  1. Prof. Yang Wenjiong of Lanzhou University elected Vice Chairman of Chinese Association for Nationality History 2018-03-07
  2. Lanzhou University Chen Fahu’s team wins 1st prize of Natural Science Award of MOE, China 2018-03-06
  3. Journal of Lanzhou University (Natural Sciences) recommended as 2017 ChinaTop 100 Technical Journals 2018-03-05
  4. Lanzhou University announced dynamic adjusting results of degree authorized programs 2018-03-04
  5. Lanzhou University attends the sub-network working meeting held by “Belt & Road” Think Tank Association 2018-03-03
  6. Lanzhou University Nie Jusheng’s group of published papers in Science Advances 2018-02-25
  7. Lanzhou university Zhang Tingjun’s group participated in mercury research of arctic permafrost region with great achievements 2018-02-15
  8. Eight Provincial Joint Laboratories of Lanzhou University Get Accredited 2018-02-13
  9. Seven International Sci&Tech Cooperation Base of Lanzhou University was first identified 2018-02-13
  10. Two scholars of Lanzhou University invited to publish article on The British Medical Journal 2018-02-10
  11. Sci-outcomes in Mechanics Independently by Lanzhou University wins 1st prize of Natural Science Award of MOE, China 2018-02-04
  12. Prof. Hu, Prof. Li and Prof. Chang of LZU listed as 2017 Chinese Most Cited Researchers by Elsevier China 2018-01-29
  13. LZU Evidence-based Social Science Research Center established 2018-01-29
  14. Panel of Meridian Space Weather Monitoring Project researches the construction of Lanzhou Key Station in LZU 2018-01-25
  15. Pres. of Osh National Institute of Law in Kyrgyzstan visits LZU 2018-01-20