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  1. “Silk Road Art Exchange between China and Others” NSSFC project team surveys in Georgia 2017-10-20
  2. Armenia’s Vice-Minister of Department of Culture Aref meets LZU “Silk Road Art Exchange between China and Others” NSSFC project team 2017-10-17
  3. LZU starts to co-construct Confucius Classroom with Tbilisi Open Education University 2017-10-14
  4. LZU High-level Martial Arts Team achieves success in 2017 National Martial Arts Routine Championship for College Student 2017-10-12
  5. “Silk Road” Chinese Government Scholarship students met tutor in LZU 2017-10-09
  6. LZU College of International Cultural Exchange outstrips 2017 enrollment target of foreign students 2017-10-09
  7. 100 LZUers fulfill voluntary service of 2017 Media Cooperation Forum on Belt and Road 2017-10-09
  8. LZU delegation attends Global Evidence Summit in Cape Down 2017-10-09
  9. LZUers attend 6th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Radiochemistry 2017-10-09
  10. Drama “Jiang Longji -- From PKU to LZU” performed particularly for freshers 2017-10-09
  11. LZU 2017 Fall Semester Opening Ceremony for international students 2017-10-08
  12. Lighting the youth and passion: LZU 14th Staff Sport Meeting & 7th Graduate Sport Meeting 2017-09-25
  13. “Sing military song, fly youth kite”: 2017 LZU Military Training Students Singing Contests 2017-09-24
  14. LZU succeeds again in 3rd China College Students “Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2017-09-23
  15. LZU’s “WHO Collaborating Centre for Guideline Implementation and Knowledge Translation” approved 2017-09-23