Department of Philosophy and Sociology

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The history of the department can be traced back to the establishment of the Faculty of Philosophy in 1978. The major field of Sociology was established in 1996 and the department was renamed the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology at the same time. In July2004, the department was restructured as the Department of Philosophy and Sociology.Nowadays, our department sets up three main research institutes, including Institute for Chinese Philosophy and Marxism, Institute for Western and Scientific Philosophy, andInstitute for Sociology and Demography. Besides, the other research organizations, such asResearch Center for Social Evaluation of Lanzhou University, Institute for Islamic Culture,Research Center for Female Issues / Social Gender Study of Lanzhou University, are also the essential constituent parts of the department. The department hosts the academic journalScience, Economy, Society which has been recorded by the system of CSSCI since 2004, and the journal is recorded by Chinese Core Periodicals Database and Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database as well.

Teaching and Research

The department’s diverse, balanced curriculum provides well-rounded training in the history of Chinese and Western philosophy and in the study of major contemporary movements and issues in the fields of social studies. We offer sufficient courses for undergraduates whose major is philosophy or sociology. The department has authorization to award the degree of master of philosophy in six specific fields, including Philosophy of Marxism, Chinese Philosophy, Western Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and Technology,Sociology, and Demography. There are 5 professors and 13 associate professors now and 33 teaching staff in total.  In addition to the undergraduate and graduate programs in philosophy, the department's faculty is strongly committed to the university's general education program for the students who study science and medicine etc. The department boasts excellent educational and research facilities, including Lanzhou’s leading collection of philosophical works in the Main Library; a department-run Research Library, includingmore than 50000 books, 140 kinds of national and international academic magazines and some extensive information technology resources too. In the recent three years, the department gains plenty of achievements though the effort of the scholars. There are 6 national projects, 14 provincial research projects, 78 horizontal topic research programs in progress, namely, 98 research projects in total. The scholars have published more than 170 papers in many kinds of journals; more than 80 are taken by the authority of core journals. The monographs published recently are more than 12; some of them obtain good reputation in the educational circles.


The department strives to offer a diverse, balanced curriculum incorporating eastern and western philosophical traditions that meets international standards while maintaining national and regional relevance. The graduate program provides advanced training in specialized areas of philosophy, with the goal of preparing students to undertake rigorous independent research. These activities have helped the department accumulate extensive experience in humanities education while taking an active part in defining the overall educational aims and the image of Lanzhou University. The department has a reasonabletrack record in fostering national and international scholarly exchange, typically sponsoring one or two academic conferences each year. It will also support long-term research centers, sponsors guest lectures and mini-courses by distinguished visiting faculty, and organizeexchange activities with universities in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe, and North America.

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