Institute of Western Philosophy and Philosophy of Science and Technology

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A Brief Introduction

The Institute of Western Philosophy and Philosophy of Science and Technology is one of the three institutes of the Department of Philosophy and Sociology, taking in charge of the teaching and research of Western Philosophy and Philosophy of Science and Technology. Its predecessor is the Teaching and Researching office of Western Philosophy and Dialectics of Nature. Professor Yuan Yijiang is the first leader of the office. Professor Lin li and Xiong Xianshu are the first two founders.

There are 11 staff members in the institute, and most of them have the experiences of studying abroad. With the leading of Professor Chen Chunwen and Liu Kaihui, the institutehas undertaken several international and national research tasks, achieving several provincialand national projects. The research fields of the institute are as following: German Classical Philosophy, Modern Western Philosophy, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Science, Study of Islam, and Study of Christianity. After several years’ development, the institute is becomingone of the most important research centers of Western Philosophy and Philosophy of Science and Technology in western China.

The director of the institute is Professor Chen Chunwen and the secretary is Doctor Zhang Yanliang.


Contact address: The Institute of Western Philosophy and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Department of Philosophy and Sociology, Lanzhou University.

Post code: 730000

Tel: +86-0931-8913710 


Research Fields


Modern Western Philosophy


(2)Postmodern philosophy

(3)Analytic Philosophy

(4)The Theory of Sovereignty and Human Right

Eco-philosophy and Culture

(1)The Philosophy of Nature

(2)The Ethics of Science and Technology

(3)Ecology and the Modernity

(4)Nature, Ecology and the Practice of Ecology

Philosophy of Religion

(1)Science of Religion

(2)Philosophy of Religion

(3)The Comparison and Dialogue of Western and Eastern Religion

(4)Study of Traditional Chinese Religion


Staff of the Institute

Professor Liu Kaihui

Professor Chen Chunwen

Associate Professor Ding Shiren

Associate Professor Han Siyi

Associate Professor Guo Jijun

Associate Professor Shi Fuqi

Associate Professor Sun Guanchen

Associate Professor Zhonghui

Assistant Professor Li Weixue

Assistant Professor Zhang Yanliang

Assistant Professor Song Shan


The study areas and the achievements of the faculties can be found on the website:Introduction to Department of Philosophy and Sociology.

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