Institute of Islamic Culture Studies

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The Institute of Islamic culture studies is an academic unit within Lanzhu University, a key university in China, which is located in the center of Muslim area and enjoys an intenseIslamic atmosphere and rich cultural heritage. The institute was established in 2006 by Muslim scholars of Lanzhou University dedicated to the research and teaching on Islam and Islamic culture. Currently, more than 10 scholars are working in the institute, engaged in various research projects and most of them are graduates of Islamic universities in Muslim world.

Since religious study has become an important discipline in educational system ofChina in recent years, the institute assumes the responsibilities of offering Islamic courses tograduate and undergraduate students. The relevant courses include Introduction to Islam,Comparative Religion, Sociology of Religion, History of Muslim Philosophy, and ModernThoughts in Islam.


Objectives of the institute

1. To introduce Islam and Islamic culture to Chinese people. 

2. To create accurate view on Islam for Chinese people.

3. To explore Islamic values for serving Chinese people.

4. To promote cultural exchanges with Muslim world.

5. To intensify mutual understanding between Muslim and neighboring nations.


Scope of research

In order to realize above objectives the institute will undertake following programs:

1. To do researches on Islam and Islamic value. 

2. To translate Islamic literature.

3. To offer lectures on Islam and Islamic culture.

4. To publish books and articles on Islam and Islamic culture.

5. To offer short term training programs on various subjects.

6. To organize seminars and conferences at national and international level.



Prof. Dr. Ayub (Ding Shiren)


Address: Institute of Islamic Culture Studies, Lanzhou University

No.222, Tianshui Road

Lanzhou city

Gansu, China.


Phone: 0086-13919004775  

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