Institute of Chinese Philosophy and Marxism

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A Brief Introduction

The Institute of Chinese Philosophy and Marxism was founded in 2003, which was one of the three institutes of the Department of Philosophy and Sociology, taking in charge of research and teaching of Chinese Philosophy and Marxism Philosophy. Chinese Philosophy is the earliest research area in our department, after 30 years' hard work, Chinese Philosophy has many academic accumulations in the field of Primitive Thinking, Philosophy of Politics in Pre-Qin, the Study of Logicians in Pre-Qin, Neo-Confucianism. Professor Liu Wenying's study about the Primitive Thinking used to have great influence in the academic circle. The study of Marxism is one of the most important traditionalresearches in China. In 1980s, Professor Han Xueben's study on Marxist Philosophy'stheory of human received good reputation.

There is 10 staff in the institute.  Professor Wang Xiaoxing has made great contributions in the field of the comparison between east and west philosophy, and Chinese traditional philosophy of politics. Professor Lian Heng has made great contributions in the teaching and research of the classical Marxism. The institute has taken in charge of severalprojects supported by National Social Science Foundation and Gansu Provincial SocialScience Foundation. Now the institute is becoming one of the most important researches and teaching center of Chinese Philosophy and Marxism in Lanzhou and in mainland China as well.

Research Areas

Chinese Philosophy

     1) The Classical Interpretation of Chinese Philosophy
     2) The Interpretation and Construction of the History of Chinese Thoughts
     3) The Philosophy of Chinese Politics

     1) The Classical Books of Marxism
     2) Foreign Marxism Study
     3) Marxism and the Model of World Development

Staff of the Institute

     Professor Wang Xiaoxing

     Professor Lian Heng

     Associate Professor Li Xiaochun (Director)

     Associate Professor Chen Shengbo

     Associate Professor Qiu Dejun

     Assistant Professor Liang Yiren

     Assistant Professor Liu Guixiang

     Assistant Professor Fang Xiliang

     Assistant Professor Peng Zhanguo(Secretary)

     Assistant Professor Jin Bao

The research areas and the achievements of the staff in detail can be found on thewebsite: the introduction to the Department of Philosophy and Sociology

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