Institute of Medicinal Chemistry

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1. History

The Institute of Medicinal Chemistry of Lanzhou University was formerly known asTeaching & Research Group of Medicinal Chemistry of the Department of Pharmacy inLanzhou Medical College in 1959. In July 2005, Lanzhou Medical College merged intoLanzhou University which resulted in the formal establishment of the present Institute ofMedicinal Chemistry. The discipline of Medicinal Chemistry in Lanzhou Medical Collegeand in Lanzhou University was approved to offer master’s and doctoral degrees in 2001 and 2007 respectively.

2. Faculty and Research Conditions

At present, the Institute has 10 staff members, including 2 professors, 4 associate professors, 3 lecturers and 1 senior laboratory technician. There are one doctoral supervisor and 6 master’s instructors in the institute. Ninety percent of the faculty members are under the age of 45 and fifty percent are doctor's degree holders. The Institute also employs two honorary professors from the Gansu Institute of Drug and Food Control.

The institute is equipped with more than thirty large-size precision instruments, such asone Waters Delta 600 HPLC, Discovery Studio 2.1 and Sybyl 6.9 drug design and so on.The institute also boasts top-rated facilities in support of teaching and research, which include 600MHz NMR, LC-MS, GC-MS, electrospray MS, UV-vis, IR, fluorometer and circular dichroism spectrophotometers.

3. Research Fields and Teaching Work

Medicinal Chemistry is an interdisciplinary science situated at the interface ofChemistry and Life Science. The research programs in the Institute of Medicinal Chemistry of Lanzhou University cover Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Design, Drug Synthesis, Mathematic Statistics, Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Stereo Chemistry, Chemical Action Principle of Drug, Organic Chemistry, and so on.  

Research in the institute involves the application of both chemical and biological principles to investigations between molecular structure and biological activity, for example,the structure elucidation of biologically active natural products, rational design and synthesis based on the 3D structure of target, combinatorial chemistry, chemogenomics and structural biology,organic synthetic chemistry, and so on.

4. Teaching and Research Achievements

In recent 5 years, the research of Medicinal Chemistry in the institute has been funded by prestigious national agencies such as NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China), and National High-tech (the twelfth five-plan) Project, and the total research funds on scientific research is more than ¥6,000,000. Since 2007, we have won nearly 5 awards from provincial government, and published over 100 research papers. With the achievements, theinstitute has been becoming the base of new drug and Chinese traditional drug development in Gansu province.

5. Discipline Construction and Talent Cultivating

In 2003, the discipline of Medicinal Chemistry in our university was assessed as Key Discipline of Gansu Province. Currently, more than 10 graduate students have been enrolled annually to pursue master’s and doctoral degree. The institute aims to cultivate students withan adequate research background in Medicinal Chemistry, a good training in experimental skills, and a balance between specialization and an all-round education. For this purpose, more than 100 lectures and laboratory courses are offered each year.

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