Microbial and Biochemical Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

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1. History

The Microbial and Biochemical Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences was established in2005. With the booming of biopharmaceutical industry, the institute is facing unprecedented opportunities for development.

2. Faculty and Research Conditions

Currently, the institute has twenty-two staff, including one professor, ten associate professors, ten lecturers and one assistant, among whom seventy-two percent are doctorate holders, forty-three percent have overseas research experience, and three are recruited from famous foreign institutes.

3. Research Fields and Teaching Work

Based on the abundant medicinal biological resources in western China, the institute isnow enrolling postgraduates and carrying out research work in the following areas:

1) Special biological protein and nucleic acid drug research, genetic pharmaceuticals;

2) The screening of new microbial agents and its related theoretical studies, biopharmaceuticals;

3) The natural molecular structure-activity relationship studies, natural productpharmaceuticals;

4)Total synthesis of the multi-target drugs and their intermediates, biological activity-baseddrug design.

The Microbial and Biochemical Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences is responsible for the teaching of Physical Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry for undergraduates at theSchool of Pharmacy. For postgraduates, one master program in Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy is offered in the institute.

4. Teaching and Research Achievements

Under the joint efforts of all staff, the institute has got extensive financial supports.Especially, in the past three years, four projects were supported by the MST and theNSFC. Total research grant has reached more than 5 million. Among them, 2.6 million areprovincial-level and related university-enterprise cooperation funding. Under the above financial support, 15 papers have been published in the famous international journals, such as Organic Lett., Europ. J. Med. Chem, and Tetrahedron. Additionally, two national invention patents have been granted.

5. Discipline Construction and Talent Cultivating

The Microbial and Biochemical Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences has one PhD supervisor and seven master supervisors. So far, six students have awarded the master degrees, and there are twenty graduates studying.

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