Institute of Pharmaceutical Analysis

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1. History

The Institute of Pharmaceutical Analysis was founded in 2007, and is composed ofTeaching & Research Group of Pharmaceutical Analysis and Teaching & Research Group of Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

2. Faculty and Research Conditions

Currently, there are seven teachers and researchers in the institute, including one professor, two associate professors, two lecturers and two experimental technicians, among whom there are three doctoral degree holders (accounting for 40% of the total number of teachers) and two master’s degree holders. Three teachers have been abroad for study and training. The laboratory for undergraduate and graduate students occupies an area of about 374 m2. There are multiple commonly used analysis instruments, such as HPLC, GC and so on. Dr. Feng’s group is built around the goal of developing the research for new traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). For this purpose, multiple research techniques and approaches, including chromatography, electrophysiology, the technology of extraction and separation of TCM, and the lab of experimental animal, have been developed, improved and used in current study.

3. Research Fields and Teaching Work

1) Research directions

Quality control and process of TCM preparation;

New TCM and second development of TCM preparation;

Isolation, structure elucidation, synthesis methods, and biological activities of TCM;

Discovery and finding of key pharmaceutical target in vivo of active components in TCM;

Pharmacokinetics and serum pharmacochemistry of TCM;

Fingerprinting and therapeutic basis of TCM;

Discovery and finding of active ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine and the body target network after compatibility;

 Technology of biomedical chromatography


Our scholarly interests lie in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Pharmacy Preparation, especially focusing on development of new TCM and its quality control. Our courses for undergraduates are as follows:

Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Modern Chromatography and Its Application in Medicine, Analysis on Traditional Chinese Medicine Preparation, Analysis of Internal Medicine, Analysis of Spectrum, Medicine and Health, and Medicine and Sleep.

4. Teaching and Research Achievements

Taking Charge of Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry and get the honor of Excellent Course in Gansu Province

The First Class Honor of Teaching Achievement in Lanzhou University

Great Teaching Achievement in Gansu Province

1 Research project on the sixth type of New Chinese Medicine;

3 Research projects on the sixth type of New Chinese Medical Pharmacy

1 Generic Chinese Pharmacy

2 projects of Chunhui Plan from the Ministry of Education 

3 Projects of international cooperation from the department of Science in Gansu province

1 Allowance for Creation set by enterprises in Gansu Province

1 important issue of Medical Research in Gansu Province

3 Projects of Science Research in Lanzhou

3 Basic Projects of Science Research of key Universities

1 Project Supported by Government

1 important Project of Gansu Science Department


Take leadership in the research of Chinese Medicine in Gansu Province based on Chromatographic Technique and Its Application in the Research of New TCM, get the Second honor of Gansu Scientific Advancement;

Take leadership in the research of Radix Hedysari polysaccharose, the third award of Gansu Scientific Advancement;

4 Awards of Gansu Scientific Advancement

2 Awards of Lanzhou Scientific Advancement, First Class

1 Award of Huangpu Mi Chinese Medicine Science in Gansu Province

2 Awards of Gansu Medical Science

1 Award of Scientific Advancement from Gansu Science Department

1 patent in 2012

More than 100 academic papers, 12 papers on the SCI

5. Discipline Construction and Talent Cultivating

Focus on talents cultivation and importing, which makes great progress in young teachers’ teaching quality.

Strengthen international cooperation, 3 people go abroad for further training and education.

Having Research cooperation with Professors from Science Academy in Paris, make blueprint for the research Institute in the coming 5 years, aiming at making the subject become the top in our country in 2015, reach the level of A, and lead in countrywide scale of the categories which has regional features.

6. Admission Orientations of Postgraduate


Research on Finding and Structural Modification of Natural Pharmaceutical Molecular



Isolation, structure elucidation, synthesis methods, and biological activities of TCM;

Quality control and process of Chinese material medical preparation;

The new traditional Chinese medicine and Second development of Chinese materialmedical preparation;

Discovery and Finding of key pharmaceutical target in vivo of active components in TCM;

Pharmacokinetics and serum pharmacochemistry of TCM;

The fingerprinting and therapeutic basis of TCM;

Technology of biomedical chromatography

7. Postgraduate Education

The qualified applicants are welcome to our graduate education program in Pharmaceutical and Natural pharmaceutical Chemistry. So far, 53 students have graduated with master’s degree, and the other 29 students are being undertaking the program of graduate research study.

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