Research on Key Technology of Iminostilbene Production and Application

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Project Title: Research on the Key Technology of Iminostilbene Production and Application

Primarily Achieved by: Ma Jiantai, Li Ying, Li Rong, Da Shijun, Yu Shuyi, Yue Li, Li Wenze, Jiang Zulin, Wang Chunhua, and Jiang Lijing.

Completed Units: Lanzhou University

Award & Grade: The second-class National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, P.R.China in 2009.

Brief Introduction to the Project:

The project mainly concerns about the process research of Iminostilbene which is an important pharmaceutical intermediate. The traditional preparation method suffers from several shortcomings such as lengthy steps and high costs. And the traditional production process uses large amounts of organic solvents and auxiliary materials which cause serious pollution, corrosion of equipment. Moreover, the use of bromine leads to bromine-containing impurities pass to the final drugs which cause toxic side effects on human bodies.

We have developed a new process to produce Iminostilbene by using a cheap oxide catalyst through the direct catalytic dehydrogenation of reactants under a water vapor atmosphere. The yield of Iminostilbene is 86% and the catalyst life is about one and a half years. And we have cooperated with the local enterprises to realize its pilot plant test and industrialization. This technology is identified to reach the leading international level. And due to its low production cost together with the high purity, bromine-free and high international market price of the obtained products, the international market shares of the corresponding manufacturers have improved greatly and thus this project has significant social and economic benefits.



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