LZU regulations on employment and management of foreign teachers (interim)

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Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1. To strengthen LZU’s capacity for international cooperation and exchange, expand the size of foreign teachers, standardize the employment and management of foreign teachers, promote the internationalization of teachers in Lanzhou University, we have hereby made the present regulations in compliance with PRC’s relevant laws and regulations as well as the real circumstances of Lanzhou University.

Article 2. Work of foreign teachers employed by Lanzhou University includes teaching, scientific research and construction of new majors and new courses, and etc.
Article 3. Foreign teachers are employed and managed on the basis of open recruitment, merit preference, and contract.

Chapter 2 Types and Term of Employment

Article 4.According to the different responsibilities involved in the posts, we employ two types of foreign teachers: language teachers and specialized teachers (who teach specialized courses).
Article 5. Terms of contract are 1 to 3 months, or as long as required by the specific work. Generally, one term lasts at least 3 months.

Chapter 3 Qualifications of Candidates

Article6. The candidates must meet the qualifications as follows,
1 .They should observe the laws and regulations of PRC, and regulations and disciplines of Lanzhou University as well.
2. They should respect code of ethics and customs of Chinese people, and China’s religious policies, never participating in any affairs that are incompatible with a teacher’s image.
3. They must be healthy both mentally and physically, without bad habits and criminal records.
4. Language teachers will must hold a bachelor degree or above, with sound training in and rich experience of language teaching.
5. Specialized teachers must hold a doctorial degree, with experience of teaching and scientific research; those who hold a master’s degree should have worked as assistant professors or above in foreign teaching and research institutions.

Chapter 4 Procedures of Employment

Article 7 Schools submit their demand for foreign teachers to the university for review and approval, after which the recruitment information will be released.

Article 8 Procedures of Employment are as follows:
1. The schools examine the working abilities of the candidates;
2.The Personnel Office reviews such qualifications as diploma and working experience. The International Office examines their qualifications for working in China.
3. The university holds a personnel work meeting to decide which candidates to employ.
4. Persons selected are then announced by an official notice.
5. If no objections are raised, the university will sign contracts and go through employment procedures with the candidates selected.

Chapter 5 Management

Article 9 Foreign teachers employment is managed by contracts, which establish the employment relationship, but the specialized teachers can be employed through research projects and programs. The term of employment, responsibilities, tasks, treatment, work evaluation, contract extension or termination, and liabilities for breach of contract are all specified in the contract.

Article 10 Lanzhou University is in charge of the employment of foreign teachers, the schools are responsible for routine management and evaluation of the teachers, and the International Office deals with the related foreign affairs.

Article 11 The school-level academic committee and party and administration joint committee can recommend foreign teachers to obtain professional titles corresponding to their academic and research performance. Foreign teachers who meet the related requirements can apply for higher ranks and grades. Those who meet the conditions of postgraduate supervisors can apply for relevant posts.

Article 12 Foreign teachers can apply for teaching and scientific research projects and programs offered at the university, provincial and national levels.

Article 13The concerned schools can assign a staff member as an assistant for the foreign teachers to help their life and work, which will be included in the staff member’s work load.
Chapter 6 Evaluation of Foreign Teachers

Article14 Foreign teachers must be evaluated during the term of employment. A mid-term evaluation and final-term evaluation will be conducted if the contract exceeds 1 year. The schools evaluate foreign teachers according to the responsibilities and duties of the post specified in the contract.

Article 15 The outcomes of the evaluation are regarded as the basis of decisions concerning contract extension and payment. The schools submit their decisions to the university for review and approval.

Chapter 7 Dismissal

Article 16 Contract is changed or terminated in accordance with the relevant terms in the contract. Lanzhou University has the right to terminate the contract prematurely if foreign teachers violate laws and regulations of PRC, regulations of Ministry of Education of PRC or disciples and rules of Lanzhou University.

Article 17 If foreign teachers cannot assume the responsibilities for special reasons, they can apply for the termination of the contract after negotiation with the school. With the approval of the university, the contract can be terminated.

Chapter 8 Treatment

Article 18 The salary of foreign teachers is specified in the contract. The salary of foreign language teachers is determined according to “Lanzhou University Salary Standards for Foreign Teachers of Language and Literature” while that of specialized foreign teachers, according to the responsibilities and duties specified in the contract. The salary of project-employed teachers is determined by their workload and paid jointly by the university (30%-100%) and the concerned school.

Article 19 The salary of specialized foreign teachers can be higher than that of their Chinese counterparts, but for at most 20%. As to high-level talents, the university sets special standards for their salary.

Article 20 During the term of the employment, Lanzhou University will provide foreign teachers with fare for one international round trip, and one round trip between Lanzhou and ports of entry and exit.

Article 21 Foreign teachers can rent apartments offered by the university, or find lodging by themselves.

Chapter 9 Appendix

Article 22 The scientific research results of foreign teachers are regarded as pertaining to their posts in Lanzhou University. Therefore, the intellectual property right belongs to Lanzhou University.

Article 23 This document takes effect from January 1, 2016.

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