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Research team from LZU's SEES and KLWCES attend 2016 AGU Fall Meeting

By LZU | 26/12/2016 12:16:00 | Views ()

The 2016 AGU (American Geophysical Union) Fall Meeting was held in San Francisco, USA, from December 12th to 16th, 2016. This  annual meeting, also the largest-scaled international meeting on earth and space science, was attended by 24,000 experts, scholars and students from around the world this year. Significant research progress and latest results in different fields were introduced in over 22,000 reports and boards during the meeting.  

Under the leadership of Chen Fahu, CAS academician from LZU, Zhang Tingjun, dean of the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences (SEES), and Gou Xiaohua, director of the Key Laboratory of Western China’s Environmental Systems (KLWCES),as well as the research team composed of 20 teachers and students from the aforementioned School and Laboratory attended the meeting. Academician Chen and associate Prof. Chen Jianhui from LZU, Zhao Cheng, researcher from Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, CAS, and Prof. Feng Song from University of Arkansas, USA, jointly organized discussion on the topic Climate and Environmental Changes in Arid Central and East Asia. Academician Chen delivered a keynote speech named History and Mechanism of Prehistoric Human Dispersal to the Tibetan Plateau and Adaptation to the High Altitude Environment on invitation at the sub-meeting at The Third Pole Environment (TPE) under Global Changes. He also made a speech named Holocene Moisture and East Asia Summer Monsoon Evolution in the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau Recorded by Lake Qinghai and Its Environs: A Review of Conflicting Proxies at the same sub-meeting, giving a thorough description to the latest results made by the LZU’s research team on Global Environment Changes and Environment Archaeology, , as well as its fast development in recent years. Prof. Gou Xiaohua gave areport on Climate-tree Growth Responses at Different Elevations and the Recent Warming in the Western Tianshan Mountains, Northwest China, and Prof. Jiang Mingrui on Alternating Sand and Loess Deposition in Northern China: A Potential Pprocess of Dust Cycle. Other teachers and students from LZU gave presentations on 17 display boards to the latest research results from their schools and laboratories on Holocene lakes, environmental changes in arid zone, and pre-historical human-earth relationship, drawing wide attention from their peers. 

Zhang Tingjun, dean of SEES, LZU, was invited to attend the panel meeting on Permafrost Carbon Network organized by International Permafrost Association on December 11th, prior to AGU meeting, at which he introduced main research results and progress achieved by LZU on its research of permafrost carbon on the Tibetan Plateau. He was then presented at the editors’ meeting of two journals, namely The Cryosphere, European Geophysical Union and Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research, USA, at AGU.

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(Translated by Xing Tingting, proofread by Zhang Lu)

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