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Two National Centers for International Joint Research built in LZU

By LZU | 23/12/2016 15:08:00 | Views ()

Recently,International Joint Research of Grassland Agro-ecosystems (IJRGA) and International Joint Research of Green Catalysis and Synthesis(IJRGCS) were identified by Ministry of Science and Technology as National Center for International Joint Research.Up to now,there are five International S&T Cooperation Bases of China,including 3 International Joint Research Centers and 2 China’s Demonstration Bases of International S&T Cooperation.

IJRGA was built on the basis of State Key Laboratory of Grassland Agro-ecosystems of LZU.Centering on three researches,the creation and utilization of grass plants resources’ stress-tolerant germplasm,coupling and management of grassland and agro-ecosystems,and aro-ecosystems of cold and arid region,it focuses on distinctive features of west China, catches up with international advanced researches and echos to key technology demands of China.By developing agro-ecosystems theory and establishing various optimize models of eco-economic region and demonstration prototypes, it is resolved to provide theory and technology support to food and ecological security of China.

IJRGCS was built on the basis of State Key Laboratory of Applied Organic Chemistry and Industrial Technology Research Institute of Baiyin of LZU.Centering on studying green catalysis and highly efficient synthesis,it carries out world-leading cooperation research,targeting at international cutting-edged scientific issues and socio-economic demands of China and Gansu Province.

(Translated by Li Qi, proofread by Zhang Lu)

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