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Prof. Yusuf Zafar of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council visits LZU

By LZU | 20/04/2017 12:33:00 | Views ()

During 13th to 17th of April, Prof. Yusuf Zafar of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) visited LZU at the invitation of Prof.  Lizhe An.

President Wang Cheng of LZU showed that LZU would provide great support on the construction of “China-Pakistan Biomass Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Joint Center”. He also hoped that the“Joint Center” would be developed as a bridgehead for the China-Pakistan cooperation of science and technology, thus being devoted to the cooperation and communication of Gansu Province, relevant enterprises, colleges, universities, and research institutes on one side with Pakistan on the other.

Prof. Yusuf Zafar expreressed  that the PARC would stands firm on the cooperation with LZU and the construction of “the joint venture”.

Prof. Yusuf Zafar attended the Belt and Road International Microbiome Forum held inLZU, introducing the development of Pakistan agriculture under the “Belt and Road Initiative”. He visited the “Institute of High-tech Biomass Energy and Advanced Water Treatment Innovation” established jointly by LZU and Optics Valley Bluefire Flame Ltd. of Wuhan, signed the strategic cooperation agreement with the company.

(Translated by Xie Yajie; proofread by Zhang Lu)

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