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LZU undergraduate publishes SCI thesis with high quality under instruction of Prof. Song Yanfeng & Prof. Wang Degui

By LZU | 18/08/2017 20:19:00 | Views ()

On July 25th, a research thesis contributed to Cell Cycle (IF:3.95) by the research group of Prof. Song Yanfeng and Prof. Wang Degui from School of Basic Medical Sciences, was formally accepted. The thesis was titled with "Function of RAD6B and RNF8 in spermatogenesis", which will be published soon.

The first author of the thesis was Guo Yingli, a senior student majored in clinical medical science of LZU Seconde Hospital, with Prof. Song Yanfeng as its co-first author and Prof. Wang Degui as its corresponding author. The paper compared differences in sperm development between normal mice and RAD6B and RNF8 knockout mice to explore the mechanism of action of male mice infertility caused by DNA damage after knockout. By doing so, they further enlarged RAD6B and RNF8's function to provide new ideas for future research on male sterility.

The research group led by Prof. Song Yanfeng and Prof. Wang Degui has been committed to research on the damage and repair of DNA, the ubiquitination of histone and so on, and they have also published a series of articles on many world-known journals like Neurobiology of Aging, Journal of Cell Science, Cell Cycle et al. After the first SCI thesis titled with "DNA damage preceding dopamine neuron degeneration in A53T human α-nuclein transgenic mice" was published on Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (IF:2.37) by undergraduate students under the instruction of the research group in 2016, this paper is the second SCI thesis with a higher quality published by undergraduate students.

Cell Cycle is a high-level academic journal sponsored by Taylor & Francis Group with its impact factor (IF) being around 4 and then up to 4.06 in recent five years. SCI journal zoning: cytobiology II. Chinese Academy of Sciences journal zoning: biology II.


(Translated by Li Rui; proofread by Song Rong)

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