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Zheng Chengdong from LZU enters top ten of American Orthodontics Awards China Xi'an Station

By LZU | 01/09/2017 20:52:00 | Views ()

The Cases Appreciation Meeting of "American Orthodontics Awards" (AO Awards) was held during the 2nd Silk Road International Conference on Stomatology on August 19th. Zheng Chengdong, graduate student in LZU's School of Stomatology, submitted cases that outshone others', becoming the first person who won this prize in the School of Stomatology.

"AO Awards" is a platform that AO (American Orthodontics) provided for young orthodontists to communicate with senior orthodontists, which enjoys an enviable reputation and great influence in this field. The topic of this meeting was "Aesthetics of "Orthodontics". Numerous young orthodontists have submitted excellent cases, among which the ten classic doctors were selected by professors' strict concealed evaluation to give on-the-spot reports.

The case that Zheng submitted, "The Orthodontic Treatment of The Skeletal Class Ⅲ Malocclusion with Mandibular Deviation" is very difficult to practice. The difficult point lies in the consideration of three-dimensional direction, especially in the effective control of vertical direction to the patients with high angel. After listening his report, ten professors agreed that his case had a high degree of difficulty but gained good therapeutic effects, and put forward pieces of valuable suggestions as well.


(Translated by Song Rong; proofread by Li Rui)

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