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Associate Prof. Wang publishes research in Physical Review Letters

By LZU | 25/11/2017 23:37:00 | Views ()

Recently, Physical Review Letters, an authoritative academic journal of physics, published a joint research result: Intertwined order and holography: the case of the parity breaking pair density wave. It is jointly accomplished by Associate Prof. Wang Yongqiang from School of Physics Science and Technology of LZU, with Prof. Cai Ronggen from Institute of Theoretical Physics in Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Dr. Li Li from the Lehigh University in the U.S. and Prof. Jan Zaanen from Leiden University in Holand.

The abstract of the paper is as follows:

This work provides a new perspective for understanding the interlaced structure between various ordered and superconducting states in HTS (https://phys.org/news/2017-11-black-holes-dreadlocks-insight-quantum.html), promoting the report and comment of World Science and Technology Research News Network. This is another important progress for LZU’s "Theoretical Physics Exchange Platform", which aims to strengthen academic exchanges at home and abroad, and enhance theoretical physics research.


Founded in 2010, LZU's "Theoretical Physics Exchange Platform" adheres to the concept of "Lead in and go aboard" and strengthens cooperation and exchanges with domestic and foreign concerned units. It has won the special fund for theoretical physics of the National Natural Science Foundation, and continuous supports of other schools. In recent years, the platform has encouraged in-depth exchanges with other universities and research institutes in personnel training, project application and scientific research, and achieved remarkable scientific results. Statistics tells that, since 2013, the platform teachers have published over 10 papers in the top journals such as Physical Review Letters, of which half are joint achievements. The accomplishments it wins highlight the direct driving force of cooperation and exchange, and illustrate the goal of building "Theoretical Physics Exchange Platform".


(Translated by Yang Fan; proofread by Ren Yanyang)

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