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LZU host 1st “Silk Road” Cultural Innovation Competition & Silk Road Cultural Innovation Forum

By LZU | 30/11/2017 23:43:00 | Views ()

Organized by the School of Chinese Language and Literature, LZU and LZU Silk Road Cultural Innovation Educational Base, LZU First “Silk Road” Cultural Innovation & Silk Road Cultural Innovation Forum was held at the 502 office of the student center of LZU on 24th ,November under the guidance of Institute for Cultural Industries of Peking University and LZU Educational Administration Office. People who attended the opening ceremony included Xi Dalong, LZU Vice President; Xiang Yong, Vice President of Institute for Cultural Industries of Peking University; Xi Dalong, executive director of Jiale China; Xu Xiaofeng, president of Beida Jade Bird Music Cultural Industry Group and Zhou Zhengbin, dean of School of Cultural and Communication of Central University of Finance and Economics. Leaders from LZU Educational Administration Office, League Committee, School of Arts and School of Chinese Language and Literature also attended the ceremony which was hosted by the head of the School of Chinese Language and Literature, Li Lifang.

Prof. Yang Jianjun from the School of  Chinese Language and Literature hosted the cultural innovation forum and many experts and scholars brought forward their ideas with rich insight. Xiang Yong suggested to focus on the development of “Digital Silk Road”; Xu Xiaofeng pointed that the Chinese four elements count when Chinese culture is introduced to the world: “nationality”, “international method”, “global network” and “brand shaping”. Zhou Zhengbin integrated the educational mode and  road show mode with LZU’s cultural creativity in an effort to redefine the very concept“creator”. Xi Dalong stated that with the change of main social contradictions, cultural development should make full use of  the application of technology and policy support.

After fierce competition, team “Can You Paint ”  from School of History and Culture won the first prize, and the “The Voice of Dreamers” from the School of  Chinese Language and Literature won the second place. The third prizes were awarded to four teams including“The Mad Paintbrush” team from the School of Arts.


(Translated by Zhang Yina; proofread by Li Xingyi)

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