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Prof. Huang Ning et al. visit European Institutes of Higher Learning

By LZU | 30/11/2017 23:49:00 | Views ()

From Oct. 8th to 13th, Prof. Huang Ning and Doctor Zhang Jie visited University of Cologne (UC) in Germany at the invitation of Prof. Yaping Shao of UC. Prof. Shao is also the world-renowned expert in blown-sand physics, Academician of International Acedemy of Sciences for Europe and Asia (IASEA).

During the six-day visit, Prof. Huang and Doctor Zhang participated in the thesis proposal and research report on some doctors and young scholars in UC Institute of Geophysics and Atmospherics. Prof. Huang, as the guest professor and part-time doctoral supervisor, gave remarks on their work and aided them in the future research plan. Moreover, Prof. Huang lectured in UC titling “Numerical simulations of drifting snow and its sublimation in the turbulent boundary layer”. Doctor Zhang’s academic speech presented a systemic introduction to the research results of initiation mechanics of ground sand, improvements of sand drift prevention and controlling, development of equipment of sandstorm study achieved by Prof. Yang’s team. Prof. Shao and other scholars from UC highly praised Prof. Huang’s team and expressed their strong interest in and cooperation intention with the latter’s work. The both sides also had an in-depth discussion about the hot-points in the field of sandstorm study which aroused the collective attention, so that the research cooperation framework was confirmed initially in the sphere of atmospheric deposition field inspection, atmospherics-sandstorm-hydrology-landform multi-factor coupling model development and other. Doctor Eric Josef Ribeiro Parteli of UC invited, in the name of editor of  The Journal Geosciences, Prof. Huang to write an overview article for the Journal to introduce the latest achievement made by Prof. Huang’s team.

From Oct. 14th to 16th, Prof. Huang and Doctor Zhang Jie visited Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, and Swiss Federal Research Institute for Forest, Snow and Landform, and cooperation intentions with the two parties have been initially set.


(Translated by Zhang Lu; proofread by Li Qi)

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