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Associate Prof. Zhang Qiangqiang publishes latest research progress in ACS Nano

By LZU | 20/01/2018 23:13:00 | Views ()

Recently, School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics of LZU has made important progress in the research of 3D printed multifunctional graphene intelligent structural materials, and its relevant research results were published in the top journal of American Chemical Society-ACS Nano. (2016-16 Impact Factor 13.942, JCR Division A of Chinese Academy of Sciences)  The paper is entitled by “Three-Dimensional Printing Hollow Polymer Template-Mediated Graphene Lattices with Tailorable Architectures and Multifunctional Properties”, with Associate Prof. Zhang Qiangqiang as its first author and corresponding author, LZU as its first communication unit.

The results of this research were supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51702142), the Key Research Fund for Basic Scientific Research Activities of Central University (lzujbky-2017-k17), the Open Fund of Key Laboratory of Western Disaster and Environmental Mechanics of Ministry of Education, and Disciplinary Innovations Program (111 Program) (B14044).


(Translated by Ren Yanyang; proofread by Yang Fan)

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