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Sci-outcomes in Mechanics Independently by Lanzhou University wins 1st prize of Natural Science Award of MOE, China

By LZU | 04/02/2018 19:55:00 | Views ()

Recently, Ministry of Education, China issued the “Decision of Awarding the Outstanding Achievements in Scientific Research (Scientific Technology) in Universities in 2017”, and the scientific achievement - “The Mechanics Research of the Properties and Rules of the Multi-field Coupling of Eolian Sand Movement”, independently completed by researchers in mechanics field of LZU, won the first prize of natural science of the award of the outstanding achievements in scientific research in universities. The project was completed jointly by Prof. Zhou Youhe, Academician Zheng Xiaojing, and Prof. Huang Ning. This is the second time for Prof. Zhou and Academician Zheng to win the first prize of natural science from Ministry of Education since their first one in the field of electromagnetic solid mechanics.

This project, focusing on the major environment-related subjects like desertification and sand storm, conducts the basic research of the eolian sand movement mechanics to uncover their features and rules. A reasonable, complete and feasible research route was put forward combining the establishment of basic experiments and basic models and highly-precise quantitative analytical method, enhancing the cognition of how to effectively investigate some general scientific problems, such as randomness of complicated systems, nonlinearity, multi-field coupling, and trans-scale coupling, and it has largely promoted the future development of the research of eolian sand movement. The achievements have been highly praised and widely cited by the scholars in the fields like mechanics, particle physics, atmosphere, environment, pharmacy, and space science, and they have played a leading role in this subject and field.


(Translated by Yan Han; proofread by Zhang Yuyuan)

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