Key Laboratory of Mechanics on Disaster and Environment in Western China (Lanzhou University), MOE

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The laboratory was approved to be prepared in 2005 and established in 2008 by the Ministry of Education. The current director is Prof. Zhou You-He, who is a professor of “Cheung Kong Scholars Program”, a winner of “China National Funds for Distinguished Scientists” and “National Great Teaching Master of China”. The director of the academic committee is Prof. Liu Renhuai, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

The philosophy of our laboratory is working for the west of China, and building for a top laboratory. We do our best to make the laboratory a base for scientific research and high level personnel training in the natural disasters research in the western part of China.

Our research focuses on the typical natural disasters (such as the sandstorms, geological hazards and cultural relic damage) in the western China. We make our efforts in the studies of the mechanisms of the natural disasters, and the solutions of serious environmental problems in the western disaster prevention and reduction engineering. There are four research directions for the lab: land surface and desertification, mechanism and prevention of geological hazards, theory of protection and reinforcement of cultural relic, and quantitative study of complex mechanical systems.

Since 2005, the laboratory has carried out more than 200 research projects, including sub-programs of “973 Programs”(the National Basic Research Program of China) and sub-programs of “863 Programs”(the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China), Key Projects in the National Science & Technology Pillar Program, the Funds for Creative Research Groups of China, China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists (Class A and Class B), the Cheung Kong Scholars Program, National Defense Foundation of China. The total research income exceeds 63 million RMB. Our main contributions and the awards for the society through the fruits of our researches are: 1 second prize of National Natural Science Award (Chief Investigator), 2 second awards of National Science and Technology Progress (Co-Investigator), 1 first prize of National Natural Science Award (Nominated), 2 first prizes, 4 second prizes and 1 third prize of Provincial Science and Technology Progress of Gansu. One paper has won the Best Contributed Paper Prize (Van Duzer Prize) elected by IEEE superconductor commission (an international organization), one paper was granted Best Paper Award in 2008 by IJSSD (an international journal publisher) and an academic monograph was published by Springer-Verlag Press in 2009. The researchers in the lab have published more than 707 journal papers, including 195 SCI papers and 150 EI papers, and 17 textbooks and monographs, 3 national industry standards, 26 patents and 3 sets of registered computer software.

The laboratory pays much attention to the discipline construction and has made outstanding achievements. Since 2005, the lab has two post-doctoral research programs of first grade mechanics specialty and first grade geological resources and geological engineering specialty, two doctoral programs of first grade mechanic specialty (including Solid Mechanics and Engineering Mechanics) and geological engineering, and the programs for master of philosophy, master of engineering in the field of mechanics, civil engineering, geological engineering, architecture and civil engineering.

The lab places paramount importance on professional training. Since 2005, one PhD dissertation has won National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award and two PhD holders have won the title of Outstanding Scientific and Technological Workers. Now the total number of the postgraduate students is 288, including 84 PhD candidates and 204 MPhil candidates. The lab has one team of National Quality Engineering in China. The course of “Theoretical Mechanics” is selected as one of National Excellent Courses, and the courses “Soil Mechanics” and “Computational Mechanics” are selected as provincial excellent courses. Engineering Experimental Center of the School is selected as the demonstration center of undergraduate experimental teaching in Gansu province. 2 undergraduate teaching and research achievements have won the second prize of National Teaching Achievement Award.

The laboratory is active in academic cooperation and exchanges, and has established long-term stable cooperative relations with other research institutions at home and aboard. The lab has hosted 8 international and national academic conferences, and co-organized 6 international and national academic conferences. The IUTAM symposium on environmental mechanics, authorized by the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, will be held at Lanzhou University in 2013. The lab is the sixth sponsor approved to organize such international conferences in China. 260 of our group members have participated in domestic and international academic conference. We have invited 75 experts, including 19 academicians, to give lectures in our lab.

The laboratory has a high level research team. There are 67 faculty members in our lab, 13 of whom are professors and 18 are associate professors or senior engineers. In particular, one professor of the lab is an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (elected in 2009) and Academy of Sciences in Developing Countries (elected in 2010), and one professor is an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (elected in 2011). The recent recognitions of our research and education contributions include: one Distinguished Professor of “Cheung Kong Scholars Program”, two winners of “China National Funds for Distinguished Scientists”, one winner of “National Great Teaching Master of Institution of Higher Education”, six gainers of “Trans-century Training Program Foundation for the Talents by the Ministry of Education”(New Century Excellent Talents in University), two winners of Outstanding Award and two winners of Honorable Award of “Baogang Education Foundation for Excellent Teachers in Higher Education Institutions”, six gainers of “Outstanding Performance Award in Mechanics” by Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. There are 18 members in various scientific organizations, and five leading talents in Gansu province.

The construction of the lab is financially supported by the funds of “985 Project” and “211 Project”. At present, the laboratory has more than 600 sets of equipments and apparatus worthy of 29 million RMB. A multi-functional environmental wind tunnel laboratory, a high-powered parallel computation center, a field observation station in Minqin and a geological environment laboratory have been built in recent years. The laboratory’ working mechanism is “Opening Exchange Competition Cooperation”, which encourages and supports the internal and external researchers to conduct scientific research, academic exchanges and cooperation in the lab.

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