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Lanzhou University wins highest award of 1st MAXP clouding computing innovation competition

By LZU | 29/03/2018 20:13:00 | Views ()

On the morning of 22th March, the result of the 1st MAXP clouding computing innovation competition was published in the OSCAR cloud computing Open-sourcing meeting and the prize-giving was held in National Convention Centre, Beijing. The team, led by undergraduates and postgraduates from School of Information Science and Engineering, School of Chemistry and Chemistry Engineering and the second clinical medical college of LZU won the highest award named “MAXP Best of Innovation”, and another winner went to Tsinghua University. Cheng Wenbo, from School of Information Science and Engineering, Bai Qifeng, from school of Basic Medical Sciences, and Zhang Yang, from high performance computer center, as advisers, all won awards.

Held by China Academy of Telecommunication Research of MIIT (CAICT), the competition is with the wide participation of the public. It is an exhibition of Industry-college-institute Cooperation with the purpose of promoting the development of high-performance computing in China and encouraging more researcher to participate the applicable innovation of cloud computing. The competition kicked off in January and left four teams vying for the highest award. The design of LZUl shows a cross-disciplinary combination of information technology, medical science and chemistry, demonstrating the high level of high performance computing application in our school, and finally wins the applause from judges.

The high performance computing platform (now established in cyberspace office), built in 2006, provides services for faculties from school of Atmospheric Science, Earth Environmental Science, Materials Science, Physical Science, Chemistry and Biography and accumulates rich experience in platform-building, operation, algorithm improvement and parallel program tuning.


(Translated by Sun Lianyue; proofread by Zhang Yuyuan)

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