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Lanzhou University project selected into MOE first Emerging Engineering Education research project

By LZU | 04/04/2018 11:00:00 | Views ()

Recently, the project “Cultivating high-level talent on engineering by physics” led by Prof. Luo Honggang, School of Physical Science and Technology, was approved to be one of the state-level first “emerging engineering education” research and practice project. The project was reviewed and preferred by Ministry of Education expert team and has been publicly recognized by the general office of MOE.

Since Feb. 2017, MOEof China has carried out a serious of recommendation works related to new engineering research and practice project, aiming at coping with challenges brought by a new round of scientific and technical revolution and industrial transformation. It will actively serve the implementation of important strategies including national innovation-driven development, the Belt and Road Initiative, China Made 2025 and Internet Plus. The project is also designed to accelerate the reform and innovation of engineering education and cultivate a variety of innovative, excellent engineering talents to support the transformation and upgrading of industry. After “Fudan Consensus”, “Tian Jing University Action” and “Beijing Guide” were reached, universities and colleges begin to bringing forward more new measures in new-talent training. School of Physical Science and Technology, LZU, initiated undergraduate teaching system reform in Sept. 2017. It on one hand plans to lay solid foundation of reserved talents in basic scientific research, on the other hand it aims to broad scope of knowledge of reserved talents in application research or technological development. The approval of Prof. Luo’s project provided strong support for undergraduate teaching system reform. This project aims at exerting specialties of basic science of physics and cultivating professional personnel with solid foundation, strong innovation skill to serve modern scientific development and meet national strategic need.


(Translated by Zhang Yina; Proofread by Li Xingyi)


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