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“American Music Abroad: Silk Road Journey” launched in Lanzhou University

By LZU | 13/04/2018 11:16:00 | Views ()

On 10th April, “American Music Abroad: Silk Road journey” was launched in LZU. This program was conducted by Seth Glier Trio. Through conducting performances and informal exchanges in local theatres as well as universities and colleges, this program demonstrates original popular music in America to transmit music culture.

Before the performance, Pan Baotian met with Mr. Frank Whitaker, minister and news cultural counselor of the American Embassy in China in the VIP room of the student center of LZU. Representatives from provincial government and city government and relevant personnel from the International Office of LZU were present.

Mr. Pan introduced LZU‘s history and advantage disciplines. He said that LZU is the first and the most time-honored comprehensive university in the west China. With various and distinctive disciplines, LZU values the talents training and has stood out in many research fields, exerting significant influences in China and even the whole world. Mr. Pan welcomed the “American Music Abroad: the Silk Road journey” in LZU and hoped that such activities can promote the people-to-people and cultural exchanges between China and the US and reinforce the communication and cooperation between LZU and related American universities and colleges.

Mr. Frank Whitaker expressed his honor to visit LZU, which he thought as a prestigious university in China. As early as over 20 years ago, through American Fulbright program, LZU received and sent several Fulbright scholors to America, making contributions to people-to-people and cultural exchanges between China and the US. He also hoped that this musical exchange could help more Chinese students understand American music, thus strengthening the friendship between the two countries.

News background

American Music Abroad has had 42 years of successful experience in arranging and organizing music tours for student and adult musical groups. Over 36,000 participants have attested to the quality of our tour programs.

Seth Glier Trio comprises American singer-composer Seth Glier, saxophonist Joe Nani, and electric bassist Ryan Hommel. Seth Glier, an American singer, composer, pianist, guitarist, and social activist, has won many awards. His album The Next Right Thing released in 2011 won the nomination of the Best Nonclassical Album of the Grammy Awards. Seth is also an active advocator of autism cognition, and he is the national spokesperson of “The Voice of Autism”,a famous autism cognition organization in America.


(Translated by Yang Han; proofread by Zhang Yuyuan )


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