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Lanzhou University holds 1st symposium on hadron and heavy flavor physics

By LZU | 11/04/2018 11:36:00 | Views ()

The 1st symposium of theory-experiment cooperation of  hadron and heavy flavor physics was held in Lanzhou University from March 31st to April 1st. It was organized as well as hosted by LZU, aiming at strengthening the connection of theory and experiment in hadron and heavy flavor physics.

This meeting attracted about 150 scholars from 40 universities and institutes at home and abroad. Representatives conducted fruitful discussions on the cutting edge of hadron and heavy flavor physics, especially on the collaboration between theory and experiment.

Held by the School of Physical Science and Technology, the School of Nuclear Science and Technology and the Communication Platform of Theoretical Physics in LZU, this meeting not only promoted the exchanges and cooperation among countries, but also the development of particle physics in LZU.

With an increasing amount of new hadronic state’s data in recent years, a new “zoo” seemed to come on the scene. During the course of discovering Zc (3900), Pc(4380) and Pc(4450), and Ξcc(3620), China’s experimental teams played a pivotal role. Besides, China’s physical theorists published several articles to explain these new hadronic states, representing a great influence on international academia and demonstrating the significance of mutual promotion of theory and experiment. LZU’s particle physics has always been followed the path to strengthen theory-experiment cooperation, in this way LZU held series symposiums on theory-experiment cooperation of hadron and heavy flavor physics in order to boost the substantive exchanges between theorists and researchers at home and abroad.


(Translated by Song Rong; proofread by Li Rui)





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