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Almustafa International University Delegation visits Lanzhou University

By LZU | 27/04/2018 15:28:00 | Views ()

The delegation from Almustafa International University, led by its Vice President Ali Riza Biniaz, visited LZU on April 23rd. LZU Pres. Yan Chunhua met with them at VIP room in Yifu Scientific Building, and LZU Vice President An’ Lizhe, directors of Social Sciences Administration, International Office, and heads of the Research Institute of Islamic Culture, the Institute for Central Asian Studies, the Research Center of Afghanistan, and the Research Center of India were present.

By introducing the history, talent training and scientific research of LZU, Pres. Yan suggested that the full cooperation with the participation from teachers to students between Almustafa International University and LZU on their respective well-known subjects would make great sense in the B&R construction, as Iran has played an important role in building the Silk Road Economic Belt among all the Middle East countries. 

Ali Riza Biniaz also made a brief introduction of Almustafa International University. He said that Iran and China were countries with ancient civilizations, sharing good relations with each other for a long time. As he went to China, he felt being back to his hometown. In addition, he remarked that the B&R Initiative proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping has significantly advanced the revival of ancient Silk Road and the economic, cultural and scientific development of the two countries, and it enjoyed a great significance to cooperate and exchange with LZU. 

After the meeting, the delegation had a discussion with Vice Pres. An and directors of those institutes at Room 202 in Yifu Scientific Building and they accepted LZU’s invitation of the 3rd session of University Presidents Forum of UAB&R 2018 in Dunhuang, Gansu on Sept. 21st


(Translated by Li Rui; Proofread by Song Rong;edited by Zhang Yuyuan)

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