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Qilian Mountain Expedition sets off from Lanzhou University

By LZU | 06/05/2018 16:06:00 | Views ()

On the morning of May 4th, the Qilian Mountain expedition set off from LZU for the second Qinghai-Tibet scientific research.

The leader Prof. Qu Xiaohua, also the director of the Qilian Mountain Research Institute and dean of the School of Resources and Environment, said that the object of this comprehensive and systematical investigation would be the fourth major area of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (Qilian Mountain-A-erh-chin Mountains). Besides, it would provide complete and reliable scientific bases and countermeasures for optimizing allocations of the “mountains, waters, forests, fields, lakes and grasses” in Qilian Mountains. At the same time, the effort was to serve the construction of Qilian Mountain National Park and sustainable development, pushing for “scientific research of the Third Pole” and “The Belt and Road Initiative". This is the first expedition since the founding of the Qilian Mountain Research Institute, with more than 3,000 kilometers of travel and 30 members from different colleges. The journey will integrate various disciplines of Qilian Mountain Research Institute and adopt different approaches and perspectives for different issues.

Secretary of Party Committee Yuan Zhanting presented the expedition a banner and proposed six wishes. The first was to practice ecological civilization construction promoted by General Secretary Xi and instructions for the expedition; the second was to work in unison and in safety; thirdly, the team should be determined to overcome various difficulties along the journey; the fourth was to carry out scientific research of the Third Pole; Fifth, the expedition had the responsibility to make a comprehensive report on the scientific research for the society, expanding the influence of related disciplines; Sixth, efforts should be made in ecological rehabilitation of Qilian Mountains, and to highlight the important role of LZU in practicing national strategies.


(Translated by Yang Fan; proofread by Ren Yanyang; edited by Zhang Yuyuan)

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