Engineering and Technological Research Center of the Ministry of Education for Arid Agriculture and Ecological Restoration

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The Arid Agriculture and Ecological Restoration Project Research Center was established in 2006 with permission of the Ministry of Education of China. Based on the support from State Key Laboratory of Pastoral Agricultural Ecosystem and taking the regional sustainable development as the goal, the center choose some unique habitats in arid, the loess plateau, alpine meadow as research areas, and use the inter-discipline of ecology, botany and agricultural science to strengthen the integrity and systematic of regional ecosystem management. By highlighting the important role of ecological design, the center focuses on developingtechnology innovation and integration in planting, breeding, processing and ecological environment protection in order to promote the improvement of ecological environment and construct a sustainable and harmonious society.

Research Objectives

1. Techniques and methods for efficient and low-cost utilization of the rainfall resource in semi-arid area.

2. Monitoring and assessment for regional water resources and soil erosion.

3. Dynamic monitoring for land cover, land quality and ecosystem assessment.

4. Interaction relationship between natural ecosystem and artificial ecosystem and utilization for pollution-free biological resource

Faculty and Staff

The centre currently has 69 personnel, including 61 staff for permanent job, and 8 adjunct part- time duty personnel. There are 51 people with advanced professional title, 13 people withintermediate professional title and 5 people with elementary professional title or below.


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