MOE Engineering Research Center of Open Source Software and Real Time System

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The MOE (Ministry of Education) Engineering Research Center of Open SourceSoftware and Real Time System is the first research institution professionally devoted to the scientific research and technology developing of software in China. We aim to promote the applying and developing of the source software as well as to boost national independent innovation in the software field. At present, our main research areas include: the open source real-time system and trusted computing, the open-architecture network calculating platform, and pervasive computing.

In the past five years, the research center has undertaken and completed more than 30 significant national or provincial programs in basic researching and application developing, and has received around 5 million Yuan vertical scientific research funds and 15 million Yuan crosswise research funds, including over 60 applied engineering research programs in the realm of open source software and real time system. In view of the technical barriers set by overseas big companies in the information technological field especially that of core operating system, based on the application research of open source real-time system and trusted computing, we carry out related applied technology and developing research both at national and provincial level, and have formed four distinguished research areas: the open source real-time system and trusted computing, the pervasive computing, the open-architecture network calculating platform and the Linux desktop system. In the achievements of scientific research, we have eight national invention and utility model patents, four software copyrights and 6 prizes above provincial levels.

At present, we have achieved great success in the open source software and real time system research, including the maintenance of the presently world-wide applied open source real-time operating system RTLinux/GPL, the construction of China’s first PlayStation 3 colonies using the open software technology based on the IBM CELL processor, the foundation of the first domestic PowerPC laboratory jointly set up with the IBM Corporation, the research of the network calculating platform of the open-architecture e-Science, the joint research on Safety Integrity Level 4 of Linux and the SCP safe computing platform with Siemens Company, the joint research of Linux desktop system with Shanghai Zhongbiao Company, the Linux intelligent cell phone platform research with Shenzhen Ginwave Technologies Company and the multi-functional network management monitoring equipment which is developed with joint efforts of Gansu Jiahua and Gansu Tsuiying. Our products that are developed based on Linux and PowerPC are awarded the Winner’s Prize of the second “IBM cup” Chinese Area University Campus Innovative Design Competition and the Second Prize of the first Chinese Area Power Architecture Application Developing Contest respectively.

We now have 20 professors, over 40 associate professors, 15 researchers, more than 10 senior engineers and around 40 others who are at middle-level positions working in the research center. And among them there are 2 Yangtze River scholars, 5 specially invited professors, 6 visiting professors, and 7 adjunct professors. At present we have 150 postgraduate students studying and doing research here, and among them 110 are graduate students, and 40 doctoral students.

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