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Lanzhou University authorities meet with alumnus Prof. Ren Gang

By LZU | 03/06/2018 16:37:00 | Views ()

Party Secretary Yuan Zhanting and Vice President An’ Lizhe of LZU met with Prof. Ren Gang at VIP room in Yifu Scientific Building on May 31st. He was a tenured researcher from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory(LBNL) as well as an alumnus of the School of Physical Science and Technology, LZU.

Prof. Ren Gang was one of the high-level talents received in the first talent searching activity to Canada and America in April. This meeting was planned to discuss the cooperation matters, and in the meeting, he shared his study and experiences overseas and introduced his scientific research. 

Party Secretary Yuan welcomed Prof. Ren’s visit and donated him the school badge, his archives and the alumni card. After the introduction of LZU’s deepening reform and developments, he expressed his wishes for cooperation with Prof. Ren at a high level. He also invited Prof. Ren to apply for the distinguished professor of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts. 

Prof. Ren said, the profound foundation of research provided him a favorable atmosphere for in-depth research and steadfast work, which has benefited him a lot. What impressed him in this visit was LZU’s urgent need for talents, its reform and progress. He accepted Party Secretary Yuan’s invitation of applying the professor in order to create a scientific platform for the interdisciplinary cutting-edge research.

Before, Prof. Ren delivered a report titled with “Single-Molecule 3D Imaging for the Study of Protein Structure, Dynamics and Mechanism” at the 101 academic hall in the second chemistry building. Teachers from the relevant research group had a thorough discussion with Prof. Ren after the report. 


(Translated by Li Rui; proofread by Song Rong; edited by Zhang Yuyuan)

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