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Lanzhou University 20th “Campus Top 10 Singers” Final

By LZU | 23/05/2018 16:47:00 | Views ()

On the evening of May 20th, LZU 20th “Campus Top Ten Singers” Final hosted by LZU Student Union was held on the western track field in Yuzhong campus.

There were two segments in the final: "Team VS" and "5V5 Challenge", in which the beautiful voice and magnificent performance created an enthusiastic atmosphere and won the applause. Interaction, former winners’ singing and other links ignited the enthusiasm of the scene, arousing bursts of cheers and cries.

It is reported that LZU's 20th "Top Ten Campus Singers" lasted more than one month. After fierce competitions in the preliminary and semi-finals, 16 players finally entered the finals. For the first time, the top ten singer competitions on campus have applied the “tutorial system” and competed in the form of team match, which greatly highlighted the competition. In addition, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of "Top Ten Campus Singers", LZU Students Union also released a theme song called "Let's Be Happy", which was composed by former winners.

In the past 20 years, "Top Ten Campus Singers" has attracted extensive attention among students. It played an important role in further enriching the campus culture, showing the good spirit of LZUers, and continuously transferring the positive energy of youth. 


(Translated by Ren Yanyang; proofread by Yang Fan; edited by Zhang Yuyuan)

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