Engineering Research Center for Neutron Application Technology, Ministry of Education

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Engineering Research Center for Neutron Application Technology (ERCNAT) wasestablished at Lanzhou University, and sponsored by Ministry of Education of China in 2001. The mission of ERCNAT is to conduct scientific research, technical development,consulting service for nuclear science and technology. ERCNAT has 3 research institutes, including the Research Institute of Neutron Physics and Application Technology, Research Institute of Nuclear Physics and Research Institute of Nuclear and Radiochemistry.

ERCNAT’s research focuses on the following areas: neutron generator technology usingT(d,n)4He (D-T) and D(d,n)3He reaction, accelerator physics and techniques, neutron nuclear data measurements, fast neutron activation analysis, fast neutron radiography,irradiation effect researches of reactor materials and electronic materials, fast neutron radioactive breeding, laser physics and techniques, the interaction of charged particles with matter, nuclear and radiochemistry. ERCNAT achieved the Gansu province Scientific and Technological Conference Award, the First Award for Scientific and Technological Advance issued by the State Ministry of Education, and the 3rd Award for National Scientific and Technological Advance.

ERCNAT has 70 employees, including 11 professors, 18 assistant professors, 20 lecturers, 2 senior engineers, 9 engineers and technicians.

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