State Key Laboratory of Applied Organic Chemistry (SKLAOC)

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Founded in 1987, the State Key Laboratory of Applied Organic Chemistry (abbreviated as SKLAOC) at Lanzhou University is one of the first state key laboratories ratified by the State Planning Commission of China. With continuous effort in years, the SKLAOC has become an important national center for scientific research in the area of organic chemistry and related disciplines. Nowadays, the laboratory consists of 260 members – 1 academician of Chinese Science Academy, 28 professors, 40 support and professional staff, 80 graduate and 150 undergraduate students – organized into 16 research groups. The SKLAOC was headed by Academician Liu Youcheng and later by Prof. LiuZhongli. Since 2001, Prof. Tu Yongqiang has been directing the laboratory. The main research in the SKLAOC focuses on synthetic organic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, physical organic chemistry, natural products chemistry and organic materials chemistry. Thelaboratory research is sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Department of Education and othergovernmental and industrial organizations. More than 150 papers are published annually, 80 % of which appear in prestigious international journals. Scientific talks including invited lectures have been presented frequently in national/international conferences and symposia. Serving as a center for scientific exchange, the laboratory has cooperation projects with numerous institutions all over the world. Young organic chemists are well educated and trained in the SKLAOC and have great opportunity to further work in famous institutions such as the Department of Chemistry at Harvard University and the Scripps Research Institute. Several young chemists from the SKLAOC joined the research groups of Prof. E. J. Corey, Prof. K. C. Nicolaou, Prof. D. H. R. Barton and so on. Additionally, more than ten scholars from the SKLAOC received the Alexander Von Humboldt fellowships.

Among the facilities available at the SKLAOC are Varian Inova 600, Varian Mercury 400 and Mercury 300 NMR spectrometers equipped with various double- and triple-resonance probes, Bruker Avance DRX-200 wide-bore NMR spectrometer equipped with photo-CIDNP and in vivo micro-imaging probes, Bruker Avance 400 wide-bore solid-state NMR spectrometer equipped with double- and triple-resonance probes, FT-ICR mass spectrometer with ESI, APCI, EI, CI and SIMS ion sources and connected to HPLC, HP 5988 GC mass spectrometer, Jasco J-810 and J-20C CD spectropolarimeters, Princeton PAR-170 electrochemical systems and a variety of GC, GC-MS, HPLC, IR and UV spectrometers. Also available are: VG ZAB HS high resolution mass spectrometer with GC, Bruker ER 200D EPR spectrometer, Enraf-Noinus CAD 4 X-ray diffractometers, Nicolet 170 SX IR spectrometer with GC and Spex DM 103 laser Raman spectrometer.


State Key Laboratory of Applied Organic Chemistry

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