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Lanzhou University attends 8th SEEA annual meeting and organizes parallel sessions

By LZU | 22/06/2018 17:40:00 | Views ()

From June 8th to 11th, the 8th annual meeting of Society for East Asian Archaeology (SEEA) was held in Nanjing University with more than 300 representatives from China, America, German, England and other countries present. During the meeting, over 250 representatives made oral academic reports on 36 topics and 11 representatives made panel reports. Academician Chen Fahu from LZU archaeological team, Changjiang distinguished young scholar Dong Guanghui, associate professor Zhang Dongju and representatives of postgraduates also attended the meeting.

Academician Chen Fahu, Prof. Dong Guanghui and Dr. Jade D’ ALPOIM GUEDES from University of California, San Diego hosted parallel session named Prehistoric Human-Environment Interaction on the Tibetan Plateau together. Scholars who attended this were from several domestic and overseas units conducting research on prehistoric human activities and climate change on the Tibetan Plateau.

During the meeting, representatives of LZU showed the results and progress in prehistoric human-environment interaction on the Tibetan Plateau systematically, which were highly approved by international peers. This has strengthened the studying advantage of LZU archaeological team in this area and expanded its international academic influence. Academician Chen Fahu also carried out extensive exchanges on new progress, methods and trends of East Asian archaeology and environmental archaeology with other scholars .


(Translated by Li Xingyi; proofread by Zhang Yina; edited by Li Xingyi)

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