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Lanzhou University 2018 commencement

By LZU | 27/06/2018 22:37:00 | Views ()

On the morning of 25th June, the commencement of the class of 2018 of LZU was held in the gymnasium of the main campus. 

In the morning, the excellent faculty representatives gave award to the excellent undergraduates and postgraduates of class of 2018 and the graduates working in the western region and base level units in the commencement. Yuan Zhanting, Party Secretary of LZU, awarded the letter of appointment to representatives of liaison officers of class of 2018. 

Feng Shugang, alumni representative and the alumnus of School of Economics in 1990, gave a speech named Above the Destiny while combining his entrepreneurship experience in the commencement. He encouraged the class of 2018 to be a person with virtue bearing the instruction and expectations of LZU in mind. 

Faculty representative Prof. Wu Wangsuo from School of Nuclear Science and Technology gave the last lecture named How to Pursue Your Dreams to the class of 2018. He hoped that all graduates could correctly locate themselves in the right direction and achieve their dreams after overcoming many challenges and difficulties. 

Ren Xiaoshuang, a parent of an undergraduate in Cuiying college of 2018, as well as Zhou Jingyi, an undergraduate of class of 2018 spoke at the commencement on behalf of parents and graduates respectively. 

Beginning with a speech named Be A Decent Person, Yan Chunhua hoped that every LZU graduate could “always be a decent person”and contribute to the better future of LZU. He said,“LZU shows her best wishes for the new journey you will embark on. No matter where you are and who you will become in the future, and welcome back at anytime!”

After the commencement, the degree award ceremony followed. Yan Chunhua, chairman of the degree assessment committee, awarded the certificate of degree to the doctoral graduates and took photographs with them. Yuan Zhanting, Yan Chunhua, An Lizhe, Li Yumin, other supervisor representatives and deans of all schools awarded the certificate of degree to postgraduates and undergraduates and took photographs with them. 

Guo Xiaobin, the excellent graduate representative and the PhD from School of Physical Science and Technology had much thought on his nine-year study in LZU, from an undergraduate to a PhD. He said, “I feel deeply honored and proud to be a LZUer. I want to extend my sincere gratitude to the nurturing of the key labratory of magnetics and magnetic materials of Ministry of Education and the hard work of my supervisor. In the past nine years, LZU has provided us with many opportunities to go out to study and communicate, and enabled me to lay a solid foundation for my major. Now, as a graduate, I’d like to say that studying at LZU is the most correct decision I have ever made. In the future work and life, I will continue to hold the LZU spirit of “Constantly Improving, Blazing Our Own Path”, remain true to my original aspiration and work hard to be a LZU graduate with glory in the new era!”

It is reported that there were 7,481 graduates in the class of 2018, including 4,473 undergraduates, 2,697 postgraduates, and 311 PhDs.


(Translated by Yanghan; proofread by Zhang Yuyuan; edited by Zhang Yuyuan)

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