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Lanzhou University teachers and students attend ICAR10 in France

By LZU | 13/07/2018 10:00:00 | Views ()

From June 24th to 29th, Prof. Huang Ning of the School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics of Lanzhou University, Prof. Zhang Jie and some students went to Bordeaux, France to attend the 10th International Conference on Aeolian Research (ICAR 10).

At this meeting, the report of Lanzhou University attracted great attention and interest among the experts and scholars. For example, the report on the analysis of the stability of sand ripples has attracted the attention and questions of many experts. During the break of the meeting, Alexandre Valance, professor of the First University of Rennes, France, and Hezi Yizhaq, professor of the University of Ben Gurion, Israel, came to chat with Prof. Huang Ning and Dr. Wang Peng and expressed their willingness to further cooperate with Lanzhou University on this issue; Bruno Andreotti, professor of the University of Paris, France, and McKenna Neuman, professor of Trent University, Canada, said he was deeply impressed by Dr. Huo Xinghui’s report. Thomas Pähtz, sand-physics expert, sent an email indicating that Dr. Huo Xinghui's report has attracted the attention of many important experts in the field of sandstorm science.

During this visit, the progress and achievements of Lanzhou University in many research directions in the field of wind and sand science have been well received by international counterparts. The visiting staff and a number of well-known foreign research institutions have reached a willingness to cooperate and achieved the expected results.


(Translated by Zhang Yuyuan; proofread by Sun Lianyue; edited by Zhang Yuyuan)

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