Key Laboratory of Digestive System Tumor of Gansu Province

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In May 2009, with the permission of the department of Science and Technology of Gansu province, the digestive system tumor key laboratory was found in Lanzhou University Second Hospital. It is the first scientific researching platform towards high risk digestive system tumors in Gansu province. Here we performed varieties of research on different kinds of high risk digestive tract tumors, such as gastric cancer, hepatic cancer, esophageal cancer, and so on. The main field of this research center is focus on etiology and pathogenesis of these tumors, to establish a database including etiology of those related diseases, to explore the intrinsic rules of the digestive system tumorigenesis. With the combination of molecular biology, immunology, biophysics, imageology and information science, we hope to find out fast and efficient diagnostic method for early-stage digestive system tumors, explore a comprehensive treating way with the combination of surgery, interventional therapy, radio frequency and molecular targeting treatment, develop new anti-tumor drugs. 

Laboratory commitment to the National “863” Program, we have applied 47 projects which including projects from National Natural Science Foundation. We also won lots of science and technology progress award, medical technology progress award, especially the first prize of Ende Synopsys Progress Award. Published 3 English version monographs, 6 Chinese version monographs. And we published 47 SCI papers and 105 CSCD papers.

There are 30 staffs in this lab, 45 guest professors, professor Li YuMin is the director of this lab, academician Zheng Shusen, academician Chen Zhinan were employed to be the Director of Academic Committee and Leading talent. Professor Eldo Ermenegildo Frezza from Texas University of Science and Engineering, Professor Wu Youmin from theUniversity of Arkansas are all employed to be the visiting professor in our lab. We have 2postdoctoral, 37 Ph.D and 93 master students.

In the past years, the key lab held more than 10 international conferences, such as “Lanzhou International Treating Endoscopy Meeting” in both 2006 and 2007, “ChinaGeneral Surgery Focus Academic Forum” in 2008, “Lanzhou International SurgericalMeeting” in 2010, etc. We have established nice cooperative relationship with more than 40 international famous universities such as Cambridge University, Texas University of Science and Engineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Peking University.

There are advanced flow cytometry, fluorescence real time quantitate PCR, multi-function gel imaging analyzing system, nucleic acid protein extractor, protein fluorescence 2 dimension electrophoresis workstation, whole wavelength scanning multi-functionSpectrophotometer in our key lab, and most of those advanced research work can be done in our lab.

    The main work of the key lab focuses on the digestive system tumors. Based on the reality of Gansu province, we have performed all kinds of scientific research to accelerate the development of clinic medicine, improved those related subjects, and established abrand new scientific researching team, helping to cultivate innovative talents. We do hope, with our hard work, the key lab can become an important digestive system tumor preventing and treating center one day.

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