Key Laboratory of Urological Diseases in Gansu Province

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The Key Laboratory of Urological Diseases in Gansu Province (Lanzhou University)was established in July 2010, based on the platform of the Institute of Urology, Lanzhou University Second Hospital. The whole laboratory endeavors to seek fundamental understanding and better therapeutics of urologic neoplasms, renal transplantation, urinarycalculi, and reproductive diseases. Presently, this key laboratory has also become the research base of Gansu Nephro-Urological Clinical Center, key disciplines in medicine in Gansu Province, master’s or doctoral degree awarding unit and post-doctoral trainingstation.

The Institute of Urology, Lanzhou University Second Hospital, was set up in 1984 andoccupies a floor space of more than 1000 square meters. Institute of Urology hasspecialized laboratories of biochemistry, cell biology, immunology, pathology and animalexperiment, to support a large amount of basic and clinical studies of urologic diseases. Theinstitute owns a complete range of advanced equipments, includingultra cold storage freezer, high speed refrigerated centrifuge, nanodrop spectrophotometer,fluorescence microscope, gradient PCR instrument and real-time quantitative PCR system.Moreover, the faculty members are well-trained with extensive research experiences. They can carry out multiple sophisticated techniques such as primary cell culture, in situ hybridization, tissue matching, virus vector manipulation and gene biotherapy.

Over the years, the institute undertakes many Hi-Tech projects supported by National 863 Program, Natural Science Foundation of China and provincial major research funds. Atotal of more than 500 academic theses have been published, including 80 SCI papers. The institute has obtained more than 9 million RMB of research funds and has won 14 items ofministerial and provincial-level science and technology awards.

To strengthen scientific exchanges, the key laboratory has always been actively promoting research collaborations at home and abroad. It has developed more than 10partnerships with world-wide famous academic institutions. The laboratory has also becomethe training base for urology professionals in northwest China and meanwhile it sendexcellent personnel to foreign and domestic well-known universities and hospitals to learnnovel skills and concepts. Our mission is to make the laboratory an innovational platform ofscience and technology so as to facilitate tackling the key problems in basic and applied urology.

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