Northwest Socioeconomic Development and Assessment Center (NWSDAC)

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Northwest Socioeconomic Development and Assessment Center (NWSDAC) was founded in 1995, and identified as Gansu Provincial Humanities and Social ScienceFundamental Research Base in 2011.

 The center consists of various experts from Lanzhou University with consolidateexpertise in Humanities and Social Sciences, and it also invite or appoint domestic and overseas scholars in related fields to deliver lectures. The mission of the center is to take advantage of rich research experience in Northwestern China to integrate cross-disciplinary scholars, to face the frontier of the academia as well as the important theoretical and practical issues, and to build a new research and innovation platform for high-level research.

Based on the sociology major in Lanzhou University, the center aims to combine theoretical and practical research together in studying the economic and social development issues in Northwestern China. The center seeks to provide integrated and scientific research to maximize our goal of serving the region. The ultimate objective of our research is to promote social justice and enhance social integration not only in Nonwestern China, but alsoin whole China.

In the past decades, the center has undertaken more than 50 projects at different levelsrelated to the aim. And it has also built a comprehensive database for Northwestern China studies. Since the research base is concentrated on Northwestern China studies, the center is going to be an important and famous research base in Northwestern China.


Research areas


The NWSDAC’s main research areas covered Sociology, Social Assessment, SocialProblem Study, Community Research, Market Research, etc.


The specific research areas include: 1. The western economic and social development research; 2. The study of social problems in social transformation era;

3. The western economic and social development strategies, policies, measures of  

Social evaluation; 4. The regional market structure, market research and market assessment;

5. The Community Research;

6. The database of northwestern society study.


Contact us

Address: Lanzhou University Feiyun Building 1821Room, South Tianshui Road 222,LanZhou, GanSu, Tel:(86)-931-8910943 Fax:(86)-931-8910943  Director: Prof. Chen Wenjiang

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