Significant Moment

“To Follow - My Lanzhou University” Summer Camp of Alumni’s Children

Lzuers in the past will be Lan second generation at present in Lanzhou University. In order to further inherit and carry forward the spirit of Lanzhou university, enhance the relationship of alumni in between and serve alumni with high-quality projects, Lanzhou university held a summer camp for the children of its alumni with the theme of "To Follow -- My Lanzhou University" from July 23 to 29, 2018. A total of more than 80 campers participated in the summer camp.

During the week's activities, the campers took a tour of the flower “sea”, practiced typical experiments, relived the Red revolution, experienced the Yellow River cruise, learned to sing the folk song "Huaer", and visited their parents' teachers and comprehended the history of the Gansu Province. Thus they can fully touch and experience parents' campus life, pursue their footprints of study, feel the strong cultural atmosphere of Lanzhou University, thereafter to appreciate the unique customs of the Northwest.