Significant Moment

The Establishment of “Home of Alumni”of LZU

On September 17th, the opening ceremony of the“Home of Alumni” was held on the fourth floor of the student center at Chengguan campus of LZU. There were many distinguished guests attending the ceremony, including Yuan Zhanting, the Party Secretary of LZU, Wu Guosheng, the deputy Party Executive Secretary, Li Zhengyuan, the deputy Party Secretary, Li Hengbin, the former deputy Party Secretary of LZU and the vice Chairman of Gansu Calligraphers Association, and Fan Baojun, the assistant principal.

More than 40 representatives from 31 alumni organizations came to their Alma Mater from all over the country to witness the completion of the “Home of Alumni”. The ceremony was presided by Fan Baojun.

At the ceremony, Yuan Zhanting, Li Hengbin together with Cong Junfeng, the Chairman of Dalian Alumni Association and the graduate of Department of Law in 1990, Zhang Rong, the vice Chairman of Nanjing Alumni Association and the graduate of Department of Philosophy in 1982, jointly inaugurated the “Home of Alumni”of LZU.

Li Zhengyuan said that alumni were not only our closest family members, but also the witnesses, participants and promoters of the construction and development of our university as well as the creators and inheritors of our university inspirits. Today, LZUers' online home, the new alumni network is officially launched, and at the same time, we also set up a real home for our alumni in the Alma Mater. We have made concerted efforts to plan, design and build this home, which reflects our sincerity to our alumni, thus winning their concern and support. As a staging post for the alumni’ return, the “Home of Alumni” will become a bridge between the alumni and the Alma Mater, one alumnus and another, the graduates and the undergraduates, and help them keep a tight connection, have a information exchange and enhance their friendship and cooperation.

Zhang Rong said that though there were many years after his graduating, he had never stopped missing and concerning the Alma Mater. And he wished LZU a brighter future. Wang Yizhou, the Chairman of Weihai Alumni Association and the graduate of Department of Mechanics in 1988, donated a set of traditional incense to the “Home of Alumni” and lit a Chinese character“Shou” ( it is equal to “happy birthday” on a cake. ) incense on the spot to celebrate the 109th birthday of the Alma Mater. Liu Mingting, a world-renowned sand control expert, former researcher of Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a alumnus who graduated in 1953 from Department of Biology, together with his wife cut a cake with LZU school badge and wished LZU a happy birthday.

After the ceremony, the alumni visited the “Home of Alumni”, and wrote down their blessings to the Alma Mater in the guestbook, which were full of their best wishes to LZU.


(Li Hengbin, the former deputy party secretary of Lanzhou University and vice president of Gansu Calligrapher's Association, wrote wishes to the Home of Alumni)

(Alumni representatives from all over the country took photos in front of the background wall of the Home of Alumni)