Significant Moment

Flowers in full bloom, waiting for your return
——a letter to the global alumni of Lanzhou University

Dear alumni at home and abroad:

Time keeps rolling on. At the golden autumn of 2019, Lanzhou University will welcome its 20th anniversary. We would like to extend our sincere invitation to the alumni of Lanzhou University from all over the world, meeting together in front of the Jishi Library and on the Tsuiying Mountain, to renew our yearnings for the Alma Mater and jointly create the new chapter of our dream.

Developing from Gansu Law and Politics School beside the shore of the beautiful Yellow River to the best university in the northwestern region of China, Lanzhou University has always rooted in the western China over a hundred years. Integrated arts and sciences, agriculture and medicine, connected the east with the west, and linked ancient and modern times, it has attracted and produced generations of elites from academic, business and political circles. More than 300,000 outstanding alumni, glittering in the Milk Way like stars, and shining around the world like sparks, have not only inherited the spirit of Lanzhou University but also conveyed its power. In the spirit of constantly improving and under the mission of making progress, those worked or studied in Lanzhou University have made great contributions to our country, and added glory to the Alma Mater.

The missing toward the Alma Mater is growing with the time passing by. There is an identity that has nothing to do with the years, having never changed even over a hundred years, and a kind of feelings that can transcend the history, becoming even firmer as time goes by. No matter how fast time flies, Alma Mater, teachers and classmates are pure and eternal warm memories in the heart of every alumni. Dear, whether you have just waved goodbye to the Alma Mater or graduated for many years, whether you are near or far away, it will always be the witness of your most beautiful years. Since ancient times, virtuous and talented personages have always loved their homeland. And Alma Mater is the forever spiritual home and soul harbor of all alumni.

We are embarking on a new journey through thick and thin. The 110th anniversary is not only a milestone of the achievement has been made, but also the trumpet of marching into the future and achieving refulgence again. The Alma Mater in its flourishing age is striding towards the goal of becoming one of the world-class universities, which requires each of us devote our true feelings and sweat to add luster and honor to it.

Dear alumni, thank you for witnessing the development of the Alma Mater, it has also been concerned about you. Come back to the Alma Mater, and let’s gather together on the campus in the golden autumn and review the past to share the sweet memories of your Alma Mater life, your deep feeling for teachers and schoolmates, the story of your hard struggle and the beauty of success you have made. We are looking forward to your good and practical advice for the development of our Alma Mater as well as your best wishes and reminiscence for it.

The Yellow River rushes spiritedly, and the flowers are in full bloom. Jishi Library, Kunlun Library, General Building, Yuxiu Lake, Tsuiying Mountain……even every grass and tree, every building and hall of Lanzhou University anticipate that you can come back, share the glory of the Alma Mater and renew your sweet memories with other alumni.

May all the alumni good luck, well-being, and everything goes well, and Lanzhou University a better future!

Lanzhou University

Sep. 17th 2018