Significant Moment

Alumni magazine "reader original version · Lan Da Ren"

"Original Reader Edition · Lan Da Ren" is a special issue for all alumni, teachers and students and friends from all walks of life. It is the first alumni publication since Lanzhou University.

The release of "Original Reader Edition · Lan Da Ren" provides a good platform for inheriting the spirit of Lanzhou University, telling the stories here, and spreading opinions here.

The "Original Reader Edition · Lan Da Ren" is based on the alumni of Lan Da, with the "alternative school" as the core, highlighting the position of "passing the spirit of the Lanzhou University, showing the alumni style", transmitting the information of Lanzhou University, uniting the alumni of all parties, supporting the construction and development of the school. The publications set up alumni dynamics, alumni columns, alumni interviews, and Cui Yingwen's fourteen columns, providing alumni with a chance to show themselves and convey positive energy in line with the current trends.

The alumni journal is a semi-annual publication. Each column has been collecting articles from alumni. Welcome alumni to pay attention to and contribute!