International students make LZU video in Russian

With the development of the recruitment, management and teaching affairs of Chinese language for foreigners of international students in the School of International Cultural Exchange, more and more international students at LZU have established a deep emotional connection with the university while they are learning Chinese language and culture at LZU.

Among those international students, Kyrgyz students Anton, Ashirly and Like devoted great effort to producing a video to introduce LZU in Russian. The video vividly displays LZU and their study life in Lanzhou city, including the introduction to LZU and Lanzhou city, how to apply to LZU, classrooms, food, accommodation, transportation, sports and so on. In order to make LZU known by more Russian-speaking people, the Kyrgyz students are going to send the video to their school in their mother land and upload it to the popular websites by the young people in Russian-speaking countries.