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  1. The particle and nuclear physics team in Lanzhou University observed the first hidden-charm tetraquark state with non-zero strangeness
  2. LZU Establishes School of Materials and Energy
  3. Kevin Zhu, Vice-President of University of Wales Trinity Saint David Visits LZU
  4. Dictionary of Prataculture (Second Edition) edited by Academician Ren Jizhou is approved by the National Publication Fundation
  5. President Yan attended the “China-US University Presidents' Online Forum” and delivered a keynote speech
  6. Research Team of LZU Made Progress in 3D Printing Hydrogel Scaffolds
  7. LZU Research Team Makes Important Progress in Theoretical Research of Climate Dynamics
  8. College of Pastoral Agriculture Science and Technology achieved new research progresses in plant salt-tolerance mechanisms
  9. Which COVID-19 models should we use to make policy decisions?
  10. Prof. Wu Xiaodan of Lanzhou University makes the latest research achievement in the authenticity test of quantitative remote sensing
  1. The 9th session of “Investigation and Diligence” forum of School of Physical Science and Technology in 2019
  2. The 12th session of “Investigation and Innovation” forum of School of Physical Science and Technology in 2019
  3. The 11th session of “Investigation and Innovation” forum of School of Physical Science and Technology in 2019
  4. Call for works in the 7th “Exceptional Insight Cup” Campus Short Film and Photo Exhibition
  5. 2019 IGCP-652 Conference—International High-resolution Paleozoic Geologic Time Scale Semilar (The First Circular)
  6. 1st Mini-Workshop for Physics of Ions: Frontiers and Applications
  7. Symposium on physics and applications of ion beams
  8. International Workshop on Experimental and Theoretical Developments of Complex Quantum Systems
  9. Notice of Lanzhou University Talent Recruitment Fair, Germany & Sweden
  10. Lanzhou University 110th Anniversary Announcement (No.1)
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  1. Modern Yellow River began forming 1.25 million years ago: study
  2. Germany scholar aspires to become cross-cultural ambassador
  3. Indian postdoctoral fellow works on life sciences in NW China's Gansu
  4. Study shows microbial diversity crucial for ecological balance, stability in arid regions
  5. Large-scale farming to bring agricultural progress in Pakistan: Chinese scholar
  6. Nurse honored by academy for advancing profession
  7. Chinese researchers reveal drought adaptation of common desert plants
  8. Across China: Chinese researchers enhance agricultural cooperation with Pakistan
  9. Earth's cryosphere shrinks by 87,000 square km per year: study
  10. GLOBALink Chinese researcher shares sustainable agricultural practices with Pakistani peers