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  1. Research Team Makes Important Progress in Exploring the Influencing Mechanisms of CO Variations with Artificial Intelligence
  2. Research Team Reveals the Effect of Tibetan Plateau on Global Climate Change
  3. Research Team Makes Significant Progress in the Field of Metal Halide X-ray Detection
  4. LZU Academic Team Attends the 9th SAADC and Wins Awards
  5. LZU Alumni Elected Academicians of CAS and CAE
  6. LZU Alumnus Liu Zhaohe Wins the Gold Medal at the 16th World Wushu Championships
  7. LZU Delegation Visits Universities and Institutions in Spain
  8. LZU Delegation Visits Universities in Italy
  9. The Research Team Makes a Series of Original Achievements in the Study of Sexual Reproduction of Angiosperms
  10. Lanzhou University Delegation Visits Universities and Institutions in Britain
  1. 【LECTURE】A Newly Identified Sea Salt Aerosol Source In Polar Regions And Its Climate Impact
  2. 【LECTURE】Sustainability and Fashion
  3. 【LECTURE】From China to Europe, from Europe to China: cultural belonging and cultural production during mobility and reverse mobility
  4. 【LECTURE】Kimono, Historical Fashion Centers and Sustainability
  5. 【LECTURE】Mobility pattern of members of organized crime group:a GIS based cluster analysis using cell phone traces
  6. 【LECTURE】Direct Numerical Simulation Of Flow Over Rough Walls And Its Reduced-Order Modeling
  7. 【LECTURE】Rational Design of High-Performance Catalysts Based on Acid–Base Combination Chemistry
  8. 【LECTURE】Recent geotechnical disasters in Hokkaido under climate change
  9. 【LECTURE】Human System And Earth System Coupled Research And Preliminary Results
  10. 【LECTURE】Some progress in regular black holes
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  1. 【Xinhua News】Chinese researchers propose potential of applying probiotics in health care
  2. Across China: China's agricultural technology inspires Pakistani postdoctoral to contribute to home country's grain production
  3. China issues dataset of lake-catchment characteristics on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
  4. College student promotes traditional Chinese culture by creating delicate hair accessories
  5. Chinese scientists propose innovative dating method for complex fluvial deposits
  6. A torrent of knowledge
  7. Chinese traditional fermented food can help treat hyperuricemia: study
  8. Modern Yellow River began forming 1.25 million years ago: study
  9. Germany scholar aspires to become cross-cultural ambassador
  10. Indian postdoctoral fellow works on life sciences in NW China's Gansu