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  1. Lanzhou University Second Hospital works in National Rare Diseases Treatment
  2. Amazing! Brilliant Birds in BadainJaran Desert
  3. Lanzhou University published collaboration paper on Science
  4. Lanzhou University students win IEMC(Asian Region) award
  5. Lanzhou University team participates in lunar exploration
  6. LZU’s 3 outcomes win 2018 China National Science and Technology Award
  7. Professor Hou Xiaolin Wins the 2019 Hevesy Medal Award
  8. LZU holds National Forum on Prataculture Science Development
  9. Lanzhou University Signs a Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Beijing Normal University
  10. Lanzhou University and the National Museum of China Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement
  1. Call for works in the 7th “Exceptional Insight Cup” Campus Short Film and Photo Exhibition
  2. 2019 IGCP-652 Conference—International High-resolution Paleozoic Geologic Time Scale Semilar (The First Circular)
  3. 1st Mini-Workshop for Physics of Ions: Frontiers and Applications
  4. Symposium on physics and applications of ion beams
  5. International Workshop on Experimental and Theoretical Developments of Complex Quantum Systems
  6. Notice of Lanzhou University Talent Recruitment Fair, Germany & Sweden
  7. Lanzhou University 110th Anniversary Announcement (No.1)
  8. Open Position: English Teacher of Cuiying Honors College
  9. 9th international symposium on molecular breeding of forage and turf
  10. Jun. 17 4:00 pm:the secret of TOEFL test
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  1. Chinese researchers develop new technique for low-cost solar cells