Introduction to the Office of Alumni Association

    Alumni Association of Lanzhou University(LZU)was registered and established in March, 1994. LZU attaches great importance to alumni work and always regards alumni work as its development strategy. In 2017, the Office of Alumni Association was formally founded ayt LZU as a administrative department, and shared its work with the Education Development Foundation Office.

    In recent years, the Office of Alumni Association has committed to contacting and serving alumni home and abroad so as to promote exchanges and cooperations between LUZ and alumni, as well as those among alumni. To build an all-round, multi-level and high-coverage alumni network, we has established regional alumni associations, industry alumni associations, department alumni associations and other kinds of alumni organizations. Now, alumni organization system has knitted up from the very first few points to a huge network of alumni work. A total of 41 alumni organizations has blazed the trial of exchanges and cooperation, allowing global alumni to join hands together for common development. To convey the spirit of LZU and create its unique "alumni culture", our Office initially established an information supporting system for alumni work containing alumni card, alumni network, alumni database and two platforms ( WeChat public platform for alumni and the alumni periodical—Original Version of Reader · Lan daren). Adhering to the idea of "gathering the strength of alumni, pooling social resources and promoting LZU’s development ", we held various activities to promote common development of alumni and LZU, such as holding joint meetings for directors of alumni organizations, campus recruitment of alumni enterprises and inviting renowned alumni return to deliver speeches and so on. Moreover, we created new ways to draw alumni closer. For example, we held the mass wedding ceremony for alumni themed “Love in LZU”, which wrote a extraordinary page in the history of the Alma Mater with love. To inspire Landaren(people from LZU)'s pride through sports, we organized a Landaren running team to join the Lanzhou marathon, thus making alumni more united. Besides, we also held summer camps for alumni’s children to connect the emotion of two generations of LZU. In 2016, our Office won the honor of Outstanding Unit of the Fourth University Alumni Work, which further strengthened our faith to guarantee a bright future for LZU and our alumni.

    With the joint effort of our alumni, the alumni work has taken shape from nothing. In the future, we will concentrate our effort on refined service and meaningful activity to lay a more solid foundation for our work, continuing to play a role as a bridge in alumni service and the development of our university. We will continue to promote the establishment of regional alumni organizations and strive to help more alumni find our alumni associations; We will hold the group wedding with the theme of “Love in LZU” in 2019; We pledge to form running groups for Lanzhou International Marathon to show our energy in front of the world and hold summer camps for the children of alumni to ruminate over the history of LZU. Welcome alumni from home and abroad to take part in all these activities.

    The year 2019 marks the 110th anniversary of LZU. The Alumni Association will do its best to wait for the return of our alumni. Let’s gather together to assist the  "Double First-class” construction of our Alma Mater.

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