Student Life

Money Tips

There are many banks near the main gate of the university, including Industrial & Commercial Bank of China,Postal Savings Bank of China and Bank of China, where international students can get financial service.

Remit Money to your China Account from abroad

Western Union and Money Gram are recommended to Remit Money to your China.

The nearest bank which can help you to receive money from Western Union is Postal Savings Bank of China, which is located in the right of the main gate of our university.

Almost all the state owned bank, including ICBC, BOC and PSBC, can help you to receive money from MoneyGram.

Remit Money to abroad from China (in process)

Money Change

Currency exchange could be available in Bank of China and U.S. dollar, pound, Euro, Swiss Franc, Aus. Dollar, Canadian Dollar and Yen are acceptable. Also you are required to present your passport to change money.