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Research Team Proposes the Notion of Constrained Common Invariant Subspaces

Recently, the team led by Professor Yan Shi from the School of Information Science and Engineering made new progress in the research on the modeling and control of complex systems. The research result was published in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, the top international journal in control systems field, entitled “Constrained Common Invariant Subspaces and Its Application” . This is the first time for LZU to publish a regular paper in this journal as the first author affiliation.

The corresponding author is Professor Yan Shi, the first author is Associate Professor Zhao Dongdong, and co-authors include Professor Kang Yu and Professor Zhao Yunbo from University of Science and Technology of China as well as Professor Xu Li from Akita Prefectural University, Japan. The research was funded by the key program “Imitative Learning Techniques for Robot Motion Control in Complex Environments”  of National Natural Science Foundation Enterprise Innovation and Development Joint Fund and  the key program “Research on Key Technology of Trusted Security for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Perception Systems” of the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (IEEE TAC for short) is the flagship journal of the IEEE Control Systems Society, which publishes two types of papers: regular paper and technical note. The regular paper focuses on significant breakthrough results.